PATA Destination Marketing Forum (PDMF)


PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2019
PATA Destination Marketing Forum (PDMF) gathers the top minds in destination travel for inspiring and insightful discussions on some of the major issues in marketing and managing tourism growth to lesser-known destinations.

This action-packed annual event features two nonstop days of learning, discovery and community-building. Alongside the one-day conference that brings together high-profile tourism professionals worldwide, it offers an unprecedented,  culturally-immersive experience of the host destination through the one-day technical tour – a showcase of lesser-known yet attractive corners of the world.

Set in Pattaya, Thailand under the theme ‘Redefining a Destination: Reviving the Past to Reimagine the Future’, PDMF 2019 highlights the issue that – while some destinations grapple with over-tourism, others face the less-tangible challenge of managing unwanted and long-standing perceptions of their destination. The Forum will examine how destinations – old and new – can position themselves to anticipate the changing expectations of the modern traveller.

Looking to Pattaya’s aspirations to re-imagine their destination, the event will explore various approaches in forging new market potentials and unearth the diverse experiences that destinations can offer visitors.

Join other tourism professionals for Asia Pacific’s premier educational and networking event for destination marketing and register today.– See more at:


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